The BRCA Research and Cure Alliance (cureBRCA) is the catalyst for results driven innovation to characterize, prevent and cure BRCA cancers. We bring together a diverse set of stakeholders from academia, medical institutions, industry, government agencies and the patient population to provide input on the strategy to address the unattended questions inherent in BRCA related cancers.


We connect families with world-class medical expertise and research in a global effort to prevent, treat, and cure BRCA related cancers.


Education: Information is power, but only if it’s accessible and spurs people to action. We activate the latest research advancements and connect knowledge towards greater understanding and prevention.


Empowerment: The BRCA community is catalyzed and strengthened – not limited – by a shared experience. Rather than bringing pity or sympathy, we amplify their voices, support their activism, and fight for hope.


Family: BRCA gene mutations impact not only an individual, but everyone in their family tree. We are founded on this experience and extend the urgency of protecting our own family to protecting the BRCA community at-large through earlier prevention, detection, and treatment.


Collaboration: For a cause so much bigger than any one institution, we need the collective effort of many. We facilitate dialogue, connection, and information-sharing between research, academia, and healthcare providers so our collective knowledge becomes collective action.


The BRCA Research and Cure Alliance (cureBRCA) was founded in 2022, by the philanthropy and generosity of Michael and Tanya Polsky. “CureBRCA” is an Illinois not-for-profit private foundation, aimed to advance the knowledge, prevention, and treatment of individuals and families who are affected by BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. Our leadership team includes:

Michael Polsky


Tanya Polsky


Heather H. Cheng, MD, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Priscilla Kennedy, CFRE

Managing Director